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Jun 23, 2015 -- Posted by : admin

1 hours drive south. 40 miles. About £10 of fuel. Thanks Rob and Micah for heading down to eat some food with us and teach us about church planting! We’re here, on the ground in Preston, getting to know people, eating food, working to get the message out about Jesus. Having a great time, loving being smack dab in the middle of God’s work in the world. Not many of us though. In a big city!

But we’re not alone.

We’re part of a much bigger family of churches which is on a mission to see Jesus made known throughout the world. And our friend Rob and others help by inputting into our church plant team. Right back when I was getting to know Rob he invited me into every area of his church life. Eldership meetings, heads of department meets, family meals, nothing was out of bounds. Training me, discipling me, preparing me for heading out to plant a church myself. And now we’re here, in Preston, we’re benefitting massively as a team from Rob’s friendship and teaching. We chatted through the various stages of planting and the different pressure that are inherent in planting. Not just the nice stuff. The nasty stuff too. We all know Rob now, he’s miles away most of the time but still plays an important part in what we’re doing. I value his experience and wisdom. I’m glad to side step the potholes he’s stepped in already in the past! It’s about friendship, learning, accountability and mission. That’s why we’re glad to be part of a bigger picture.

More info about our sphere of churches:

And about New Frontiers :

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