Sunday Livestream 29th March

Mar 28, 2020

Hi folks, just a heads up on what happening tomorrow morning (29th).

There will be a prayer meeting on Zoom at 9.30am. A link to that will be shared on social media closer to the time.

The livestream will start tomorrow (Sunday 29th) on the CCP Facebook page at 10.30am with some music, prayers and readings, then the talk. Check out Romans 8:21 in advance for the focus of things.

This is a little different to last week as we've got more people contributing. We're learning as a community how to do this as well as possible so lets bear with one another and keep talking. Let's pray for each other and ourselves- that God would grow patience in us as we grow in new areas!

After, if anyone wants, I (Andy) am going to fire up an open Zoom meeting which anyone can log in to for questions and answers about the talk- people normally get to discuss/ clarify/ question things straight after the talk on Sundays. This will make that possible. That Zoom meeting will be at 12. Link to follow.


Thanks all!


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