Important Notice! Due to Freshers Week we have a venue change

14 Sep 2019

spa road parking and location.jpg

Urgent Reminder! Normally we meet in the Atrium on the University campus. However, due to Fresher week we will be meeting at Spa Road, Preston, PR1 8SL tomorrow and next Sunday (15th & 22nd September).

It's really close to campus. Lifts are available if anyone wants one, otherwise it's within walking distance. Please email if you need a lift.

As usual breakfast is available from 10.15. Please let anyone else know who needs to be made aware. That is a great way to love your neighbour- make sure they get there ok!

PS, as it will be a Sunday parking is easy. Check the signs and you should be pleased to find you can park on single yellow lines during the time we are there. Please see the map for details.


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