Tolerance isn't enough

27 Nov 2015 -- Posted by : admin
With a major clash of worldviews and beliefs going on in the world currently, clearly demonstrated through the horrific attacks which Paris suffered recently I've been thinking through the response which Christians can offer. Condemnation of the perpetrators? Agreement with them? Apathy towards them? Tolerance?

Surely that's the word of the day, "Tolerance"? The reality is that the Tolerance experiment has failed. It really was an experiment, albeit an ill devised one, in which one articulation of Tolerance became that we as a society considered all viewpoints as equally of value and that to disagree with someone's belief was Intolerant . Tolerance was the buzz word, our societal creed and the arbiter of the worth of peoples viewpoint (if not tolerant then someone must be a biggot, racist and generally not worthy of oxygen)   

Enter stage right a religious extremist with an AK47 or Kalashnikov, spraying bullets all over people who were just going about their daily lives.


Rightly, less talk about Tolerance. We cannot Tolerate such unbridled hatred expressed through the barrel of a gun or blast of a bomb.Something else is needed. This is where the church comes in. This is why we plant churches. Because we need a better message. One that changes hearts. Takes hold of terrorists. Have a watch below.


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