“The Knowledge of God” The Heart of Hosea and a Helpful Book- Knowing God by J. I. Packer

Nov 30, 2017

“The Knowledge of God” in Hosea

Mini review of "Knowing God" by J. I. Packer

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This Sunday we continued our series through the book of Hosea which is from the Old Testament in the Bible. Some of us were challenged by the repeated theme of the “Knowledge of God” which God says his people and their leaders had rejected. This knowledge of Him included both knowing about Him and also knowing Him personally. Both head engagement and heart engagement with the triune God of the universe. Sadly, churches often go for just one (usually just the heart…), effectively rejecting all that God wants for His people and hindering our true enjoyment of Him. We as a church want both the head to be informed and the heart to be inflamed with passion for Jesus.

We were motivated to push on to know God more and delight in Him. The following mini review looks at a book which gives fuel to our minds so that our hearts can delight in Jesus more and enjoy Him for all that He is and has done.

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

Knowing God is a Christian classic. Not many books deserve such a title as “classic”, and even less which came out so relatively recently. Each year hundreds of Christian books are written. Some are OK, a few are brilliant but sadly many are best used as kindling for the fire. Knowing God is firmly in the category of Brilliant.

It was written in 1973 by Jim Packer. It provides a systematic walk through who God is. We’re in an age when many people try to knock the edges off the character of God in an attempt to remove all possibility for being offended. They don’t really want to know God, they just want God to be a bit more like them. Packer does the complete opposite and attempts to present God as the Bible does; a God who is both “Love” and “Holy Holy Holy”. The God who judges sin in his wrath and yet  receives upon himself the judgement our sin deserves at the cross. A weighty, glorious, fearsome, freedom giving, sin removing, passionate God revealed most clearly in the person of Christ. This is not your average Christian book.

This book is ideal for someone trying to gain a better grasp of the core truths of Christianity. It’s available in paperback from lots of places online. It is also available here as an audio book from ChristianAudio here:.https://christianaudio.com/knowing-god-j-i-packer-audiobook-download

If you read or listen to it please let us know what you think!





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