Recommended Resources- Get listening and reading!

May 31, 2020



Below is a short list of material I (Andy) have found helpful. Articles, books, talks and lecture series are included. Books are roughly split up by estimated time to read. I'm not a very fast reader.

I'll try to add more details at some point. Let me know if you want more info, I'm happy to discuss which might be suitably easy to read/ deep/ inspirational etc!

I hope it helps! Let me know if you find them useful.


If you have max £20 to spend on books-

xxxxxxx ESV Study Bible from Crossway xxxxxxxxxx



Why I Believe in God: Cornelius Van Til



Less than 1 hour:

Authority: Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones


Heaven a World of Love. Jonathan Edwards (really small, Pocket Puritans series by Banner of Truth)


Unbreakable: What the Son of God said about the Word of God. Andrew Wilson (Ten of Those)


1-3 hours:

Incomparable: Andrew Wilson


God Stories: Andrew Wilson


De Incarnatione Verbi Dei: Athanasius


3-5 hours:

Pilgrim’s Progress: John Bunyan


Spiritual Depression: Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones


Desiring God: John Piper


Knowing God: J I Packer


Heaven Taken by Storm: Thomas Watson (make sure you are confident of what Justification by Faith Alone is before reading this)


God's Lavish Grace: Terry Virgo


No Well Worn Paths: Terry Virgo


Pushing the Antithesis: Gary Mar (based on Greg Bahnsen's work)


The Person of Christ: Donald Macleod


The Weight of Glory: C S Lewis


The Whole Christ: Sinclair Ferguson


5+ hours:

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: John Foxe


Calvinistic Methodist Father's of Wales: John Morgan Jones


Always Ready- Instructions for Defending the Faith: Greg Bahnsen


The Cross of Christ: John Stott


Reference books


ESV study Bible: Crossway


Systematic Theology: Wayne Grudem


Systematic Theology: Louis Berkhof


Calvin's Commentaries: John Calvin, available on Kindle v cheap


Spurgeons Commentaries: C H Spurgeons, available on Kindle v cheap


Matthew Henry's Commentaries: Matthew Henry, available on Kindle v cheap


On printed material- Check out Ten of Those as we have a church account with them. As a result you may be able to get a good deal if a number of people are interested. And they are local. And they love Jesus and try to put out good books, not just ones that sell well. 


Lectures/talks (all free!)


Biographies- Short talks- John Piper. These are amazing. Please listen to them. They are so helpful. Available here:


Spiritual Depression: Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones. Listen to anything you can get by MLJ. He was amazing. This is a series of talks available at:


Systematic Theology Lecture Series: Derek Thomas. Covers a wide range of subjects. Just ignore the bits about baptism;-). Available at:


Church History:


NB. Don’t write this off because history was boring at school! Church history traces the work of God through his people. Church history is really the epicentre of human history. These are both worth listening to in their entirety. 


James White. From early Christianity right through to, currently (May 2020), after 69 talks (Reformation)-


Carl Trueman (focused on the Reformation)-



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