What a quality Easter meeting!

27 Mar 2016 -- Posted by : admin
The worship team during their 5 minutes of practice!
Wow, what a great time! First up, big shout out to the above pictured heroes who stepped in at the last minute to lead worship when one of the team's wives went into labour (pray for them, still waiting!). These guys had never played or sung together and were asked at the last minute to step in. Good work Emili, Ben and Ian. It was a fantastic time of sung worship; Christ centred, people contributing and lots of energy!

At CCP we're looking forward to seeing Preston transformed by the message about Jesus. Because of this we love to hear Bible teaching which shows how Jesus effects all of our lives. This week we considered Philippians 2:6-11 and how Jesus is God who died on a cross and rose to life on the third day. Sound simple? It really is simple, and it's also the most powerful, transformational message when it's opened up and the implications of it are allowed to sink in. Jesus really does change lives and we love seeing what he's doing amongst us!

Cya soon

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