Top Camping Tips for Devoted

Aug 21, 2018

Top Tips for Camping at Devoted



Going to Devoted this weekend? Christ Central Preston has some top tips to help you make the most out of your time away!

1. Bring a camping chair!

It’s likely that a number of people in your church will bring seats and it will be ok to borrow theirs whilst they're off having fun, but chances are they will want them back and you’ll be relegated to the floor.

Bringing your own not only guarantees you a seat but it also gives you the rights be a good host and offer it to any guests who visit your church campsite.

You don’t need to spend loads of money, at this time of year many supermarkets have sales on festival gear so check out any deals before forking out £20 for a chair!

BONUS TIP: Get chair with a cupholder - great for storing phones, keys and of course - your brew!

2. Get some £1 Flip Flops.

We have the luxury of showers at Devoted, as lovely as they are, we are on a campsite and therefore shouldn’t expect 5* treatment. Chances are, the floor will be muddy and grassy so to stop your feet coming out dirtier than before, buy a pair of flip-flops from the pound shop.

These double up as shoes you can slip on and off in a hurry too!




3. DIY Paper Bibles

Want to take your bible, but you’re worried about the space or it might get ruined in the midst of camping? Maybe you use a bible app on your phone and you’re worried you’ll lose battery by the end of the event?

Purchase a cheap paperback bible, and cover with duct tape! The duct tape will protect the cover and allows you to keep a bible on you, whilst not worrying about damage to the book. It also lets you unleash your creativity!

Check out Robin’s Rants, Raves and Creativity blog for a neat tutorial.


4. Baby Wipe Baths

Hygiene is very important when you’re camping with lots of people, so what are you going to do if the worst happens and the showers break? Have an emergency stash of baby wipes with you to freshen you up! You’ll be thankful of them, and so will the people next to you in worship when you raise your hands high.

BONUS TIP: Bring face wipes to freshen up your face instead of baby wipes - as those tend to dry out your skin.

EXTRA BONUS TIP: Do not use anti-septic wipes, medical wipes or cleaning wipes on your skin! IT WILL RUIN YOUR SKIN! (Yes we know this from experience!).

5. Bring a Decent Mug with a Lid

If you’re anything like me you will need to be constantly sipping a decent brew (hot drink to all the southerners here!). A mug with a lid is going to help you start the day right. Not only does it help your coffee survive the uneven camp ground, but it also protects the little ones from getting scolded by accident.

Even better - get a insulated mug, that way your coffee will stay warm, and your cold drinks can stay cold.

Whilst we are on the subject of coffee - we recommend topping up your drinks at Shiloh Roasting, you’ll be served a great cuppa whilst supporting a local business. (1).gif

6. Know the timetable

What could be worse than turning up to worship to find that it’s already over? The lovely team at Devoted have created a super helpful Event Guide to help you navigate your way through all that Devoted has to offer. The Hub will soon become one of your favourite places, with information going up about new or last minute plans.

7. Get yourself a head torch

It’s important to make sure you can see where you are going, particularly when navigating through those pesky guy lines. A head torch is a perfect way to light your path whilst keeping your hands free. It’s great for those pitching tents late, finding your pjs at the end of the evening session or going for that dreaded 4am wee!


Also good for taking selfies

8. Invite your new friends to a camp meal

Devoted is a great place to meet like minded people. As we know, a great way to forge friendships is through food. Why not set an extra place at your camp dining table (or picnic blanket if you’re not that posh!) and make connections and links with other churches across the sphere. Inviting someone for a meal might be a great way to say thank you to a hard working volunteers or as a good will gesture to people who might not know many people.

9. Mobile phones

Taking your mobile phone with you can always be a gamble. With limited power, potential losses and a threat of damage from the elements, your phone can be more of a hinderance. Not to mention being a distraction from all the Devoted action. However, if used in the right way your phone is a great tool. Use your phone to capture memories of the event, connect with your new friends and talk logistics with your church. Make sure you follow @devotedevent on facebook and twitter for the latest updates.

BONUS TIP: If you want to stay connected we recommend bringing a decent battery charger with you!


10. Let Jesus guide your journey

Whatever your reason for coming to Devoted, it all started with God. If you’re not sure what life zones to attend, pray about it. Use the worship sessions to really focus on what God is laying on your heart. Use the sessions and experiences at Devoted to shape how you glorify God.


Whether you’re a Devoted newbie or a seasoned pro, we hope you enjoy your Devoted experience. If you see us around come and say hi, we will most likely have a selfie stick in our hand filming something fun! Come and grab a brew with Christ Central Preston!

By Emili Peake


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