Sex Part 1 - Drugs sex and rock 'n' roll

6 May 2015 -- Posted by : admin
Next session Sunday 17th May 2015
18:00 at Cost Coffee on Fishergate

Didn't make it to the first one?
No problem, it's a series of four so plenty more to come along to!

Having considered Jesus' take on drugs we're going to rock the boat and look at sex. If there's one area in our culture where much ink is spilled and rivers of metaphorical blood flow it's concerning sex, relationships and gender. The media coverage is huge on the current war within society, relaying questions many are now asking; How can we be sexually satisfied? Is sex a god, a gift, or just gross? What is marriage, really? What's acceptable? What's not? Can 2 men get married to one another? Who gets to say what others can or cant do? 

We're going to weigh into the debate and explore what Jesus says about things. After a short presentation there's going to be time for Q&A and discussion. Everyone's welcome. Wherever you're up to with things, the discussion will be all the richer for having you there, agree, disagree or just deciding!

Sunday 17th May, look forward to seeing you there


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