What an amazing time!

22 Sep 2015 -- Posted by : admin

Fantastic afternoon last Sunday. We had our first 4pm meeting, and what a great meeting it was! Worship, kids work, the start of a series studying the book of Colossians. We had lots of tea, lots of doughnuts, lots of people and lots of diversity! In fact, afterwards a cake was brought out to celebrate a someone’s first birthday, while others there may have had more than, let’s just say for now, more than sixty birthdays over the years…?! We love community and people genuinely knowing each other so afterwards lots of people stayed on and ate together. Good times!

This was more than just a regular church meeting. It certainly was a church meeting, but it felt like much more than that. It felt like the start of a city transforming community which thunders out the message about Jesus all over Preston. Exciting times. That’s what we’re working towards; a community of people from all kinds of backgrounds, families and behaviours who want to know Jesus more and help others know him, where ever they’re upto. And this first meeting was the another big push towards that happening. Each time people gather as Christ Central Preston momentum is growing. It’s like a snowball that slowly gets bigger and builds more energy as it rolls down a hill. It grows, picking up speed, making a difference wherever it goes. And we just started it rolling!

 Be part of things this Sunday (27th) with a Curry night, or Sunday 1st of Oct for our next 4pm meet.

Cya then!

Post by Andy Williams


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