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21:15, Tuesday evening.  As we sit around a still-warm BBQ the food production has stopped but the creative juices are still flowing. We’re discussing how to get the word out about the church plant in Preston, Christ Central Preston (CCP). Inventive, original, bold and not so bold, ideas aimed at raising our profile at an event we’re going to this summer. Everyone has the same goal; to build a community in Preston who see the city changed by the message about Jesus. A community of people who love one another deeply, who include others around them and are all about Jesus. Lots of ideas, one person makes a suggestion, another weighs in, ideas are shaped, improved, responsibility is given, excitement builds.

This is teamwork.

03:54, Wednesday morning…!  A message drops into our CCP team facebook thread. Someone’s been working through the night, developing an idea. Through the night! I was asleep, totally unaware, and still the church plant is being developed, still things are moving along.  I’d tell you what the idea is, but it’s too cool to share right now. You’ll have to see it to appreciate it! The point here though is not what, but how. It happened through teamwork. It happened through a bunch of people with lots of different skills and gifts and characters and one passion - to see Preston transformed by the message about Jesus. Not just one person carrying all the weight. Not one individual upon whom everything depends. A team. We love team.

So do we just love team because it’s efficient? Because it’s a good way of getting the job done? Well, yes, in part. It certainly gets the job done. But we also love it because teams of people are able to demonstrate who God is in a way that individuals can struggle to. God himself, who is one, is also 3 persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Each equally and fully God. The original team. The Spirit hovers over the waters as God creates the world, the Word of God, Jesus, goes forward and creates. The Father sends the Son, the Son glorifies the Father, the Spirit is poured out, the Spirit testifies about Jesus. The God who is one, and there really is only one God, himself is a team! And his people, when they’re reflecting who He is, work in team best too. Moses is getting burnt out judging disputes between the people so he appoints chiefs who can carry the load with him. Jesus gathers a team around himself. Sends them out in twos, then 12, eventually  thousands! And the Church. The Church is about team. We have a Great Leader, above all other leaders. Jesus. And He gives leaders, on the ground to lead the team. And we all work together, reflecting in a small way something of God’s character, to see Jesus transform Preston.

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