Training Ground

23 Jan 2019









Enough milk. It's time for solid food.

Enough theological flabbiness. It's time to develop some theological muscle.

Run By Christ Central Preston, Training Ground is a Bible training course designed to help you learn what the Bible says. This can then help you communicate it to others. Wherever you are up to in your spiritual walk, time spent in God's Word will develop you and help you serve others.

Without the right diet and without exercise people become unhealthy. Many people spend considerable time on their health and appearance but neglect growing in knowledge of Jesus and His Word. No wonder so many people limp through their lives with a lack of passion for God and delight in Him. Sons, daughters, siblings and grandchildren fall away while Christians look on, unequipped to speak from God's Word in to their situations. 

It's time for you to break that cycle and get equipped. 

Location: First session- The Ascension Church Community Centre, 454 Watling Street Road, PR26UA



Sunday 10th February

Sunday 10th March

Sunday 14th April

Sunday 12th May

Sunday 9th June

No prior knowledge or training is required. Just bring a pen and notepad with you if you like taking notes. We'll even give you a Bible if you need one! Please contact us at or call 07706025712 for more details.



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